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What We Do

Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC provides Real Estate Investors, and Small Business Owners with the capital they need to pursue their business-related and financial goals.  As Business Funding Brokers we provide the following short list of products through our lending partners:
 - Small business funding options range from $5000 to $1,000,000 in unsecured capital.

 - Real Estate Investment loans ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000

 - and Commercial funding starting at $5,000,000 with no cap.  

 - We also assist clients with raising funds for unique opportunities surrounding real estate and       

 - So, we can accommodate most of the Clientele we engage.  
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All of the real estate investment products we offer are only available in specific states.  Nevada is not covered.  Our  Small Business and Startup funding is available
Nationwide, including Nevada.

We also Offer Unique Niche Products for the Experienced Real Estate Investor...

Private Money Apartment Financing

A private money niche product being offered by Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC

Funding amounts from $250K to $15M

Our apartment financing program was designed to fill a niche for real estate investors in the multifamily space.  With great terms, and entry-level loan amounts, growing your business has never been easier.  

Loan Rates & Terms 

 - Rates starting as low as 8.5%
 - Up to 80% LTC
 - 1-2 year terms (Interest Only)
 - Non-Recourse
 - Close in as little as 20 days
 - Sales price must equal to $65K per door minimum.

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