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Start-Up Loan
(Credit Line Program)

This application is specifically for the small business owner anyone seeking a line or credit, or start-up funds.

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Step 1

Complete this online application or give us a call at 702-721-4580 to begin the application process.

Step 2

One of our Business Development Executives will give you a call to go over your application and clarify all of the details.  ​​

Step 3

Provide a Tri-Merge Credit Report by going to or  click here

Sign up for the service for only $1.00 and avoid any inquiry's to your credit history.

Once complete, and you have received your report, please email to   [email protected]

It's that simple.  There's no hidden fee's, and no catch.  Qualify with credit scores as low as 600 on all three bureaus for loan amounts between $20,000 and $150,000.

So Apply Today!

We would also like to thank you for choosing Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC for your funding needs! For our credit line program, we strongly recommend creating an account with a credit-monitoring site that shows all three credit bureaus such as Credit Check Total.

This is the quickest and most cost effective method to get you an offer. We cannot use Credit Karma as it only shows 2 out of the 3 bureaus. Your information is input into the lender's algorithm, which uses the data to come up with an offer.  Please allow underwriting 24 hours to review your information and we will contact you with the results. Please email a copy of your up to date 3-bureau credit report from Credit Check Total to [email protected] Note that it will take underwriting longer to review an attached report, as they must do so manually. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.     

"Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC may periodically notify applicants of ongoing promotional offers and other marketing information by electronic mail, telephone, text message (SMS/MMS) and/or cell phone. By clicking submit, the applicant agrees, consents and authorizes Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC to call any and all telephone numbers provided by the applicant in this online application, including cellular phone numbers and residential landlines for the purposes of marketing and ongoing promotions.  The applicant is further agreeing too, and authorizing Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC to use an auto-dialing telephone system and pre-recorded voice messaging which may disseminate our information.  Which includes but is not limited to promotional offers and marketing information, to the applicant to all phone numbers provided by the applicant in this online application.  The applicant agrees that he/she must update the numbers provided should they change, or upon request by Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC should an application for financing be approved. Please be aware that you are not required to consent to Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC contacting you in order to qualify for financing.  If you do not agree or consent to be called for the purposes of marketing and advertising or as otherwise outlined in this section, please click here.
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